When A Price Seems Too Good To Be True, It Usually Is!

Hillsborough County encourages people to be careful with locksmiths. This issue discussed in this Pinellas County news article is all to common nationwide, including right here in South Florida. Here at The Only Choice Locksmith Sunrise Fl we receive hundreds of phone calls a day for people asking estimates for emergency lock situations. While every…
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What You Should Consider When Buying a New Lock

In this day in age locking your home is not an option, its a necessity.  Deadbolts entered the market during the 1960s and gained popularity through the 1970s as a way to add additional security to a door.  More than ever, locks are the best tool for protecting your family and possessions. Technology has changed…
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Child Safety and Locksmithing

Here at The Only Choice Locksmith Sunrise we have pretty much seen and heard of every locksmithing issue on record. One of the most common questions parents ask is “How do I keep my child from opening the door and running out of the house?” This question is easily answered by our mobile locksmith service…
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