Google Maps and How It Effects You

Google Maps and How It Affects You
Circuit Court Finds Online Publishers Can't Be Held Liable for Mapping Based on Third-Party Content
Locksmiths sued Google, Bing and Yahoo claiming they overstepped immunities under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act by assigning sham competitors actual physical addresses on their mapping applications. The D.C. Circuit found that the publishers' algorithms provided “neutral means” and an “automated editorial act” protected from liability.
What this means? USCA Case #18-7018 Document #1791575 - This case will allow Google, Bing and Yahoo to continue to publish knowingly false information, and then weaponize that false information, using section 230 of the ironically named Communications Decency Act. 14 companies stood up and said that this is not right. Content publishers have some responsibility to publish the truth and not publish lies for money.
Case Decided June 7, 2019
This means that Google, Bing and Yahoo are allowed to publish information that they know if knowingly false. Uncertified and unlicensed locksmiths in Sunrise are able to claim listings online and solicit customers. These unqualified locksmiths provide service to these unknowingly customers and cause damage as well as price gauge on simple service calls.
With this I've read the decision, and it says in fairly plain language that they are immunized from the re-publication of even false information. This false information is very bad and dangerous. Not only that Google is exempt from any such punishment for allowing this fake information on their servers.
In conclusion it is very important that as a consumer you do your do diligence. Its your responsibility to do the research. Read reviews! Call and ask questions. Finding the right locksmith sunrise or any service provide requires a little bit of education. By calling phone numbers straight off the internet, you may set yourself up for problems in the future